Creating a Different Approach

Commission-Free Pay Plan – Most F&I providers require their employees to acquire new business. Their payplan is heavily based on commissions from account’s production.  Our team is commission-free.  Our employees are salary based and their single focus is to coach/train/develop your team.  No distractions of chasing for new business and leaving you unattended. 


Team Approach – Most F&I providers assign a single person to work with an account.  This have some major disadvantages.  With big box providers you rely on one individual – but what if you get a “dud”? or get a good one and they get promoted?  In other agencies it can lead to a stale approach. When familiarity breeds content – over time there will be no effective impact. With Mezen you take advantage of our team approach to get more attention and better service.

  • Combined 75 years automotive experience
  • Total of 20 years of F&I Trainer’s experience
  • Over 10 years of Group’s F&I Director experience
  • GM Experience

Dealership Support

Entire Store Approach – Most F&I providers are focused on one thing only – F&I.  When was the last time they interacted with your sales staff?  In some instances they only communicate with the leadership team and ignore the people that make F&I work.  We are committed to impact your entire dealership.  If needed, we will work with your entire sales team; be it variable or fixed one.

  • F&I Development/Performance Improvement
    • Instore, Classroom and Online Training
    • Weekly Support
    • One-on-One Coaching
    • Transparent Reporting
  • Operational Support
    • Operational Expertise
    • Dealership Operations Advise
    • Pay Plans
    • Service Retention
  • Compliance
    • Compliance Training
    • Audits
    • Expert Support

Wealth Building

Reinsurance Expertise – Most dealers with reinsurance setup are struggling with getting timely information or good advice/counsel from their providers.  This is due to layers of corporate employees and division of expertise.  The bigger the company the further away this information is located.  Mezen’s approach is simple.  We are proactive in managing your reinsurance and are a phone call away to answer any of your reinsurance questions.

  • Superior Products
  • Reinsurance Expertise
  • Access to ALL Available Reinsurance Structures
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