• F&I Training
  • Sales Training
  • Service Training
  • Compliance Training


  • F&I Income Development
  • Dealership Operations
  • Expense Control
  • Employee Development
  • F&I Products Development
  • Reinsurance
  • Compliance

Presentation Topics

  • Eliminate the F&I Bottleneck
  • Training Millennials in a Digital Age
  • The Mastery of a Sales Pitch
  • Becoming a Stone-Cold Seller
  • Building a Sales Leadership Culture
  • Neuroscience Behind Sales Resistance

Speaking Engagements

  • Agent Summit
  • Digital Dealer Conference
  • Innovative Dealer Summit
  • CBT Expo & Conference
  • New Manager Seminar, Seoul Korea
  • Luxury Buyer Experience, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • World Shopper Conference, Lisbon, Portugal
  • NADA Convention
  • Lexus Plus
  • Hyundai’s Leadership Series Workshops
  • DealerUp AMConference, Moscow, Russia
MDS Volunteering – Food Shelter NE Minneapolis
MDS Volunteering
MDS Volunteering
F&I Training
F&I Training
F&I Training
ROAD Russian Dealers Visit to US
Russian Dealer Training
EasyCare Training
F&I Training
F&I Training
F&I Training
F&I Training
F&I Coaching
Sales Coaching
Digital Dealer
Fun Times
DealerUp Conference, RUSSIA
Genesis Training, UAE
Genesis Training UAE
CBT Conference
World Shopper Conference, Portugal
Agent Summit
NADA Conference
Innovative Dealer Summit
F&I Show with Becky Chernek
Fun Times
Million Dollar Club

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